Starting at 4 years old and continuing until 15 years old, the instructors will be there to teach, guide and help prepare students for the obstacles that life will throw at them as they transition into adulthood. Developing morals, confidence, and self-defense skills during these years is key to forging a bright and healthy future, as well as ensuring an easy transition into young adults. While teaching Jiu-Jitsu and self-defense are our primary goals, we offer much more than that through our kids’ program. We give our students the necessary tools to express who they are confidently, develop understanding and compassion, learn respect towards others, and establish discipline in all aspects of their growing and changing lives. Our kids program is something we value and hold dear to us.



Our Adults Program starts at 14 years old and beyond. These classes will challenge you mentally and physically, whether you transition from our Kids’ Program or are starting off brand new. As a member of our Adults Program you can expect to be part of a diverse family, with all kinds of backgrounds and goals. But, rest assured, everyone will be willing to help and support you along the way. Although challenging, expect to develop and improve your mental outlook, physical prowess, strength, mobility, self-control, confidence and physique.  There can’t be reward without a demand of hard work!



New to Jiu-Jitsu? Prefer to work one on one? Here at Charles Gracie Fremont we also offer private lessons for those who want to work towards a specific goal in a more intimate setting. Private lessons are recommended for those who want to get settled before joining a group class, or for those looking to refine and develop particular skills.



We guarantee that after a few weeks of training at Charles Gracie Fremont you will begin to notice changes in your confidence levels and overall well being. These will increase after months, and shortly after you change physically and mentally.

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We provide a safe and friendly environment for students to learn and develop their Jiu-Jitsu and self-defense skills.