Learn how to properly tie your belt for BJJ class, by watching the short video below and following along.

STEP 1: Relax and hold your belt at its middle, the bottoms of the belt should match and be flushed even.

STEP 2: Make sure your gi is proper by putting the right side over the top. Your team logo should be on top.

STEP 3: Squeeze your belt around your waist line and wrap around, switch your hands behind you, making an X with your belt. Keep it tight.

STEP 4: You should end up with 3 sides in front,  pinch the right and middle together and the left side will come on top and go under and up.

STEP 5: Using the same left side go over and down the right side and through the rabbit hole. Switch your hands and tie. Pull to the sides to tighten.

You should end up with a knot and a crease through the knot. The ends of the belt should be even and hang to your sides. Now you are ready to train! Practice makes perfect and soon you will be the envy of all your classmates with your perfectly tied belt. Don’t be that student whose belt is wrapped around their waist like a tornado.